Friday, August 23, 2013

August Favourites ღ

Friday, August 23, 2013

I haven't been using much makeup or hair products this month,just now and then.My skin has been behaving nicely.(Which I am grateful of.haha)

First thing is:
Garnier Moisture Match.
Words cannot describe how much I love this moisturizer.It REALLY gives me the perfect amount of moisture.It sets within seconds,which is amazing.I really don't like waiting.It consistency is very creamy,thick(?).It smells like a sorbet to me,and it's really refreshing to the skin.It keeps my skin(T-zone to be exact) matte even during these summer heats.
(If you want a more detailed review,let me know.)

 Garnier BB Cream for Combination/Oily skin(sorry for the bad picture):
The main reason why I love this is because it leaves a beautiful dewy finish.The coverage is maybe a bit higher than others' BB Creams.It gives a really nice radiant glow to dull skin.It works on dry skin too,and it's very long lasting too!
 L'Oreal Studio Mineral Control:Mess It Up Liquid Gel;
I naturally have wavy hair,so I use this product to enhance my waves.I rub it between my palms and scrunch into my hair.At first I tought it might be heavy,but that was not the case.
However,I don't recommend this for fine/thin hair.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara:
SO Underrated.I usually don't like plastic wands,but this one has suprised me.(in a good way)
The wand is basically three balls.Those little balls give your volume,thickness and length.
I apply it at the roots and move left-right.This lovely mascara is also available in waterproof version.

Bourjois Kabuki:
I bought this one 2-3 years ago.I use it now and then,and it's a really good kabuki.I apply my powder,as well as blusher.I love how it doesn't spread the blusher all over the cheek like most kabuki's do.It's very soft,and in these  2-3 years not a single hair has fallen.
I believe the price was around 18 $.
 So,yes that would be all for my August favourites.I hope you enjoyed them!
If you wish me to do a detailed review on any of these,leave me a comment down below.

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