Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sum it up:2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 was...colorful.There was lots of things that happened this year that have had an impact on my life.I have to say I have changed,I formed myself more as a person and I gained more self-confidence.[Even tho I still have to work on that.]I think the self-confidence gain may be a reason why I created this blog.I'm really pleased that I often went out of my comfort zone,which felt good every time.I learned that I shouldn't look life in a wider concept,or otherwise it leads to an existential crisis,which is always unpleasant.I learned to appreciate little things and gestures[such as a smile,a touch]  more and not to jump and judge people.I've read some books this year that had an impact on my idea of reality and people.To sum it all up,I'm pleased with this year and I think I have improved both emotionally and psychically.

I wish to myself more movies,books,tea and coffee in this new 2014.I hope this year will be successful for my little blog and I hope I will finally fall in love.But lets leave that aside.

To you my lovely followers,I wish a very Happy New Year with lots and lots of success,happiness,life-changing resolutions and,of course,love.
Lots of love,
Laura x


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