Sunday, August 10, 2014

Style Crushes: August

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Hey dolls!It's mid-August already and I recently realized I completely eliminated the 'Style Crushes' posts from my blog.
In case you're new, Style Crushes is basically a compilation of pictures that I found inspiring outfit-wise in a certain month. I really want to do an outfit post myself, but I don't think that will be possible before I get a new camera.

The pictures are found on Pinterest. Notify me where credit is due.

In overall, lately I've been really into simple pieces that have some sort of interesting detail or print included to liven up the outfit.I hope you enjoyed or felt somewhat inspired.

By the way, you can find me on Tumblr, where I spend most of my days.

Until next time,

Friday, August 08, 2014

Summer Haulin': Beauty & Lanterns

Friday, August 08, 2014
Hey dolls!
I'm sorry for disappearing for almost two months. I haven't been inspired to do anything, even outside from this blog. I've had ('m having?) a great creative block and I decided the only way to break trough it is to to anything, really.

Anyways, I didn't buy much this month as we are currently re-painting the entire house. That being said, I've been more into house decor lately. I, however, didn't want to bore you with that so I only included a few cute lanterns I bought recently. (I have this strange fascination with lanterns. They're amazing.)

Treaclemoon: one ginger morning [i only now realized it's not i love..cosmetics]
Maybelline Baby Lips: Peach Kiss
Wet'n'Wild Lipliner: Fab Fuchsia

Maybelline Great Lash: Lots of Lashes

Catrice: Walk On The Coraline

LaCroa: Nourishing Hair Mask (Argan & Macadamia Oil)
[A Croatian brand.Which I also did not realize.]
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer No. 20
Garnier BB Cream: Light [the other one was too dark ]

...last, but certainly not least,
The Lanterns from Jysk

I'm completely in love with these lanterns! They're so cute and you could just put them anywhere literally to add certain loveliness to the space. Also, I still haven't tried the mask from above. When I do I'll let you know. Also, if I find any of these products 'specially interesting, I'll do a review.

P.S. Expect some name changing soon!

Much love,
Laura x

Friday, June 27, 2014

June Playlist | angels forever

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lana Del Rey | Angels Forever

Lana Del Rey | Brooklyn Baby 

 Micheal Holborn | Sunbird

Gabrielle Aplin | I'm On Fire

Kitten | Like A Stranger

Garbage | Stupid Girl

Fleet Foxes | Mykonos

Empire Of The Sun | We Are The People

Hey dolls.The month of June has passed quite quickly and was quite frankly a chill, Lana filled month. (Music wise.) I'm loving Ultraviolence, it's amazing-Lana really outdone herself.(Hence why two of her songs are at the  top of the list.) The rest of the songs are wandering around my playlists most of the time. Oh, and do checkout Sunbird!It's very nice.Have a lovely rest of the week and enjoy the playlist!
Until next time,
Laura xo

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Makeup Look | Wednesday

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Hey dolls!
Recently I bought a few new products and decided to put them all together  and create a makeup look for you. Hope you'll like it,
After I've applied my daily moisturizer, I put on my Catrice Camouflage Cream (030 Rozy Beige) to cover my dark circles and any blemishes and spots. After that, I've put on my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (20) and blended it all the way up my cheekbones. I've decided to keep my eyes light so I primed then with a white creamy eyeliner from Misslyn (250).

I've put on a little bit of the L'oreal Bronze Goddess on my eyelids and blended that out, in a slight cat-eye. Firstly, I put on my Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara to get some volume and color and finished it off with the Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara which provided me length.

Before applying my lipstick, I put on some Catrice Liplocking Base, which is basically a primer. I've applied Wet'n'Wild Cherry Bomb lightly in the center of my lips and darkened the color around the edges. Lastly I powdered with the Manhattan Compact and applied a little bit of liquid blush from Catrice to freshen things up.

I hope you guys liked this post and that I didn't look to strange in the pictures!If you have any ideas of what I could do next,let me know in the comments below.Until next time,
Laura xo

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wet n Wild: Cherry Bomb Review

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Hey dolls!
A week ago I stumbled upon a WnW shelf which I happily browsed trough until I decided to buy myself a lipstick. I've worn it couple of times and I decided it's time for a review. I'll try to make the review as much in detail as possible. Let's get into the review!

Packaging and price: The packaging is simple, nothing special yet nothing too much or tacky.The tube where the lipstick itself is placed is quite narrow and I'm pleased to say that my lipstick has not smeared to the lid.(By itself, of course.) The price is baffling-4$. As I get more into the review you'll see how much of a bargain this product is!

The Product Itself: The lipstick itself has a matte finish but not a dry texture, yet a slightly creamy one. I do suggest putting on a chapstick before because your lips can feel dry after wearing it for some time. It's easily applied straight from the packaging but I prefer using a lip brush, simply because I'm clumsy. I have to say it stays on for quite long, I only reapplied to certain areas after eating.  and I'm pleased to say it doesn't smear! (bleed)

Color and amount:  The color of this product is just..amazing. I love plum and dark red shades so this makes me an even bigger fan. The color is somewhat in between red and purple, I'd say it's purple with some dark red shades in it. It looks lovely on most (if not all) skin-tones and it suits well even with a heavier eye makeup. For the price of 4$ you get 18ml of product, which is quite of a big amount!

Conclusion: This product is bag-friendly, easily applied , not over-drying with a lovely matte finish. Definitely has my recommendation!

Until next time,
Laura x

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sincere Apologies

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Hey dolls!
Lately I've been very much inactive, simply because school was very very hectic.I grabbed my camera several times but I just wasn't inspired or motivated to do anything. I usually write a little bit or something but for the past 2 months schools was the only thing on my mind and it kept getting in the way of things.
Anyway, I wanted to apologize for my lack of activity and I promise to continue where I left. I have quite a bit of ideas whirling around!

As you may have noticed, I've changed my template but I'm still not pleased with how my blog looks like. So, I decided to create my own template or at least customize my blog to the fullest. Definitely expect some changes soon!

Also,I'm happy to say my GPA is 4.7 now and I'm quite satisfied with that. Hope all of you aced your exams and are enjoying your break right now.
*By the way, my last name is not Palmer, but I thought I'd be cool. 

You'll be seeing much more of me lately!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review:Essence Love Letters Duo Eye Pencil

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Hey dolls!Yes,yes another review.Recently I've been using a lot of new products and I thought it'd be interesting to include some on here.I hope you enjoy this review, if you do let me know in comments below!

Packaging and price: The packaging is grey colored with the company's logo and the Love Letters written next to it. I'm not too fond of the packaging, it isn't very elegant or neat but it's quite easy to use and the wand is quite long so you don't have any trouble when applying.The eyeliner is about 2 euros.

The Product itself: The formula of the eye pencil is very creamy and easily blendable. The sponge is firm but not rough on the eyes. The color I have is 01 Inkheart. This color is quite nice, a dark, graphite grey.This color is amazing for both smokey eyes or a natural eye look. I find that lasts long, doesn't smudge and doesn't need reapplying trough the day.(I quite like the name, too.)

Conclusion: This eyepencil is a nice, creamy product, easily blendable and hand-friendly. This product has a great price and I definitely recommend it.

I hope you liked this review and will try this product out!What would you like to see from me?What's your favorite eyepencil steal?Let me know!See you soon,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review:Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Hey dolls!
This couple of days I've had time to write some reviews and take some pictures to make it up for the quite long break.I'm constantly in a search for a perfect highlighter and concealer with a lighting purpose. Recently, I ran out of my current favorite concealer, Maybelline's Fit Me and I decided to try something new. I decided for the Light Reflecting Concealer from Catrice as I didn't try many of those in my life. I hope you enjoy this review and find it helpful. Let's go!

Packaging and amount: The concealer comes in a light-reflecting tube (as well) as a twist-pen. The packaging is neat and fits into a makeup bag very nicely, I would say it's quite handy and easy to use. You get 1.5 ml for around 4 euros (5 $). At the top of the tube there is a brush with which you apply the product.

Ease of Use: The brush is a centimeter long and I find it quite easy to apply this product. Although, when you first use it you need to twist plenty of times until any product comes out. As I mentioned above, the bottle fits nicely into my hand and I have no trouble with it. 

The Concealer itself: This product is creamy and hydrating, perfect for girls with dry or sensitive under eye area. It blends really easily and is quite buildable without getting cakey. I find that it lasts almost entire day(5-6 hours) on my skin.(I have the shade 020 Light Beige, which is a yellow based colour.)

What the product promises: '    The ultimate creamy, light concealer for radiant eyes and a fresh appearance: light-reflecting pigments and medium coverage combined with moisturizing ingredients hide shadows under your eyes and other small imperfections in no time at all. Its gentle texture feels pleasant on the sensitive skin around your eyes.
Available in a premium silver twist-pen'

The concealer definitely gives you radiance and freshness but it doesn't cover dark circles or imperfections. The coverage is light to medium(buildable as I said), but I find that it doesn't cover my circles, just refreshens my eyes.


(On the pictures above you can see that it barely covered my beauty mark and, hopefully, you can see it's reflective.)

 Conclusion: This light reflecting concealer is amazing for highlighting and giving you a more radiant look, however it is not effective at covering circles or imperfections, which is a minus. I do like this product and would repurchase it simply because I use it for highlighting. I wouldn't recommend it for anything more than that.

*In Middle Europe Catrice is available in local drugstores(Muller,DM) and in Ireland.I'm not sure about rest of the world.[link to the website here ]

That was it guys!I hope it didn't bore you to death, I really wanted to do a detailed review. I hope it somewhat helped!Thank you for your patience over the past few weeks, see you soon

Monday, April 14, 2014

Italy ǀ Verona,Padua

Monday, April 14, 2014
Hey dolls!I'm finally back after 2 weeks with a fewer pictures from my trip this weekend to Italy.I went to Gardaland and I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately none of the pictures taken were actually saved.Because of that, all the pictures shown below are from Verona and Padua. Most are classical Italian buildings and balconies. Hope you enjoy!

The only two images from Gardaland,

 Verona and Padua,

I hope you enjoyed the images and more posts are coming soon.Enjoy your day and see you soon,

Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking a Break ♡

Monday, March 31, 2014
Hey dolls!There's a reason I haven't posted in 2 weeks,and that's,well-school.I had no time for this blog currently because I have a lot of tests and studying to do.So,I didn't want to leave this blog without letting you know why I'm not active on here.Don't expect anything from me for the next 2 weeks.I have so many test I can't breathe and believe me when I'm telling you;writing this post is a luxury.

I hope y'all understand,expect more from me in about 2 weeks.See you later dolls!Until then,

Laura XO

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Favorite Mascaras and Lipsticks ǀ March

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Hey dolls!Lipsticks and mascaras are something we all use on a daily basis;in my case,they alternate and change every month.Thought I'd share some of my loves from this month.Sit back and enjoy!

[MF 2000 Calories, Bourjois Volume Glamorous Max Definition, Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look]

MF 2000 Calories Mascara:This one i s a classic that everyone loves.It has thicker and longer bristles at one end and shorter ones at the other.It's great for achieving voluminous lashes which are extended at the end.The small bristles are great for lower lashes and lashes at the inner corner. 5/5

 Bourjois Volume Glamorous Max Definition: This brush is plastic and it has short bristles.When I first bought it,it was quite liquidy,but after few times using it, it became drier-which I prefer.This mascara gives you amazing volume and length.It does not smear trough the day and it's easy to reapply if needed. 5/5

  Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look:This formula is quite on the liquid side,but I like it never the less.The brush is pretty big so it's not really good for inner corner or lower lashes.I love using this at the very ends of my lashes,as it gives amazing length.That being said,I do find that it kind of sticks my lashes together if I apply a bit more, and then I have to take it off and reapply again. 4/5

 [From left to right:Catrice Ultimate Shine060:Teddy Brown, Catrice Ultimate Color 010:Be Natural, Wet n Wild E902C:Bare It All]

These three have been my best lips friends this month;I'm usually a dark lip kind of a girl,but these are so lovely;it's impossible not to love them.

-The Wet n Wild one is very matte so I often use some lipgloss ot lip base, or I just simply leave it like that.
-Catrice in 010 is a shiny,creamy lipstick that glides on very smoothly.It's very moisturizing but I do feel I need to reapply,it must be because of the creamy formulation.The shade is a very light nude,great for a 'no makeup' look.
-Teddy bown is a shiny, brown color.A tad bit shinier than Be Natural, but just as creamy.A really lovely shade of brown, amazing for everyday. Same as Be Natural,I need to reapply trough the day.

That is it for this week dolls,I hope you enjoyed this post and you come back for more!I'll be inactive on my social media for a while,just an fyi.New post coming on Wednesday/Thursday Central European Time.Have a lovely rest of the day.Lots of love,

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Take Care of Ombre Hair ǀ Tips

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Hey dolls!I'm so so sorry for not posting  for a week.I've been so busy with school and my books reports,I had no  time to take a single picture.Plus,my phone fell into water and it can't be fixed,which I'm really sad about.
Anyway,in the February of 2013 I dyed the tips of my hair with the L'oreal kit.In June or so,I dyed my entire hair with a platinum blond-the brown part was a light brown/honey color and my ombre were lighter and nicely blended.Now,after dieing my hair 8 shades lighter,it left me with dry,dead ends.Here are some tips on how to take care of your hair and get as less damage as possible;

1.Washing your hair
Now,it's not healthy to wash your hair often even if your hair isn't color treated,but having it color treated is even worse.Often hair washing can really dry out your hair.I suggest leaving your hair as long without washing as you can.Dry shampoo works amazing in this area.Also,try choosing a no-silicone shampoo,such as the Garnier's Ultra Doux Shampoos.

2.Hair masks
They're magic.I've tried plenty and most masks you'll find on pinterest and such sites are amazing.The one I love the most is the olive oil and egg yolk mask.There are many ingredients in your own kitchen that can be used on your hair(eggs,honey,oils,avocado,lemon..).At first,when my hair was quite dry and damaged,I did the mask mentioned above once a week.Now,I do it once-twice a month.Beware though,egg yolk is pure protein and too much of it can also lead to breakage-so don't push it with the masks either.

3.Deep Conditioning 
Conditioner is really important in this story,but a regular one won't help you much.Get a conditioner for dry/damaged hair.[Garnier and L'oreal have amazing conditioners.]That being said,you'll also need to do some extra conditioning-buy a deep conditioning mask or use a diy mask.[Olive oil,coconut oil,argan oil and honey are some great products that you can use.]

4.Regular hair-cutting
If you have two inches of dry ends you need to cut them off.That way,new,fresh,healthy hair can peek trough.If you have layered hair you can cut your hair at home[if you're lazy like me].Preferably,you should cut your hair every 2-3 months.

Nowdays,we all use curling irons,flat irons and other hair-styling tools on daily basis without even realizing of how much heat we actually use.You should use a hair protectant or a serum.I like to apply some argan oil before I apply my protectant,just to give my hair some extra moisture.

I know this post is long,but I'm making up for a week!I'm sorry if this has been boring,I hope I helped even a little bit.I'll see you soon dolls[I promise],


Saturday, March 08, 2014

Favorites from Tumblr.

Saturday, March 08, 2014
Hey loves!I spend a lot of time on Tumblr and recently I've changed my theme and cleared up some inactive blogs,so I enjoy it even more.I decided to share some of the pictures that made me happy for whatever the reason.

I hope you liked these pictures,I'm all about vintage,coffee and animal pictures.Anyway,my Tumblr can be found here.Hope you enjoyed this post and that you'll come back for more on Sunday.Have a lovely day!Until then,

Laura Palmer © 2014