Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stress Free

Sunday, January 19, 2014
Hey dolls!
The last 3 months of 2013 have been very stressful and just in overall exhausting.I haven't had time for my blog,for exercise,healthy food or anything but studying basically.
As a result of all that I had problems with sleeping,metabolism,I got a lot of headaches and my hands were shaky at all times.My skin also looked bad.It was just a bad time in overall.
For this year I decided to make it less stressful.

1]The first thing I did-I cut out my extra activities.I still go to Red Cross meetings but all of the other things had to go away.[Besides,I can still take them up again when I'm ready.]

2] I started organizing my time better.I come home,rest an hour-two,then I do my homework and study for the next day.I usually studied two days ahead.On weekends,I organized the time for myself and time for studying.[I.e.;On Saturday I would study up until lunch and then after lunch I would relax and do whatever I wanted.]

3]I try to exercise every day-not an hour per day,tho.About 30 minutes a day of workout.Once or twice a week I do a full one-hour workout.It helps to relieve my daily stress.

4]I improved my sleeping pattern.-This was tough.My sleeping pattern was horrible.I would go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 5 am,or study at night then go to school at 8 am.I literally forced myself do go to sleep at a normal time.

5]I started eating healthier.I cut down on the junk food,sodas,sugar etc.I try to eat as healthy as possible and I've been quite good at it.Yay!

6]More water!I still need to improve in this.I just don't get thirsty.Humph.

7]Focus on the good people.I used to stress so much about the fake,wanna-be's,the idiots who would talk to me etc.I don't do that anymore.I hang out with the people I like,I have fun with them and I just push the bad people at the back of my head.

I do realize stress will always be present,but for now I'm focusing on minimizing it as much as I can.

How do you deal with stress?Let me know in the comments below!
Laura x


  1. I've been stressed with revising and it made me literally collapse after every college day, but now I've started a revision routine and I'm drinking more water... I'm managing it much better! Make sure you give yourself a reward even if it's 30 minutes of your favourite show because it will get you through it I guarantee. Good luck, hope you get the results you want x

    1. That's exactly what I've been doing!Thanks for the support! x

  2. This is really helpful, I've also noticed since I started eating healthier and exercising I've seemed to become a lot more stress free:) Great post:)
    -Beth x

    1. It helps a lot!Thanks,glad you liked it. x


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