Saturday, February 01, 2014

Current Hair Careღ

Saturday, February 01, 2014
Hey dolls!
Two posts in one day,whaaat?Let's say I have some extra time.
So,the reason why I wrote current is because I often change shampoos and hair masks.Lately,I've been using these products so I thought why not make a post about them.
Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo and Conditioner[Olive Tree and Essential Rosemary Oil]-I cannot describe my love for these.I've been using this shampoo and conditioner line since they came out[2 years-ish.]They have never failed me.When you take a sniff,the shampoo has a herbal scent,but after washing it has the most beautiful,gentle smell.I couldn't figure out what smelled so nice after washing my hair,and I realized it was my hair!These are meant for normal hair[my hair is in okay conditon right now] and they leave my hair soft and bouncy.Love love love these!+ they don't contain silicone!

Keune Conditioner Ultra Mild Daily Use-I use this little boy every second day because I have long hair that gets tangled at the nape of my neck.It's perfect for daily use and I has the best smell ever.I have never in my life smelled a hair product that has such a lovely scent.

Swiss o'Par Argan Oil  Hair Mask-This little thing is perfect.It doesn't contain silicone and it leaves my hair so soft!These retail for a dollar.

L'oreal Paris Elnett deLuxe Heat Protectant- Unfortunately,in my country they don't sell Tresemme,so I'm always on a hunt for the best heat protectant.This little thing protects your hair up to 230 degrees,which most of the others don't.It doesn't leave my hair heavy or stuck together.However,you need to be careful with how much you use.Less is more.You get 170 ml for about 8$.

Argan Oil-I ordered a small bottle from ebay and it got so messy I couldn't even take a picture.I use argan oil to tame my frizz and smooth down my hair.I don't think I need to talk about how much this is amazing,right?

I sometimes use some kind of a serum to tame frizz or a hair foam to give my hair some texture after curling it.
Do you use any of these products? Let me know down below!
Thanks for tuning in,
See soon,
Laura xo


  1. Great post. I love your blog so much! Have a great day :)


    1. Thank you!I'm so glad you do,have a great day as well. :)xx


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