Hello and welcome to my blog.My name is Laura,I'm a book,music,dogs and lipstick enthusiast from Croatia.I love reading books and my favorite book is Jane Eyre by C.Bronte.My other big passion is music but,unfortunately, I can't sing or play but nevertheless I do enjoy music very much.I don't have a favorite singer,band or a song because there is too many I love to put on a list.Sometimes, I like to put up monthly playlists in hope somebody relates to my music taste.I love watching films as well,but nowdays I rarely find a really good movie.One of my favorite movies is Pride and Prejudice.(Cliche,I'm aware.)I enjoy hot beverages, especially Irish Cappuccino.I also enjoy extremely cold beverages.(Sore throat is a close friend of mine.) I'm a student so I'm quite busy with school,studying and book reports but when I catch some free time I love to do some online shopping[jewelry mostly],take some pictures or take my springer,Archie out for a walk.[Plus all the things mentioned above,of course.]So that was a little bit about myself and my busy little life.I hope you enjoy my blog and come back for more!

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