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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Take Care of Ombre Hair ǀ Tips

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Hey dolls!I'm so so sorry for not posting  for a week.I've been so busy with school and my books reports,I had no  time to take a single picture.Plus,my phone fell into water and it can't be fixed,which I'm really sad about.
Anyway,in the February of 2013 I dyed the tips of my hair with the L'oreal kit.In June or so,I dyed my entire hair with a platinum blond-the brown part was a light brown/honey color and my ombre were lighter and nicely blended.Now,after dieing my hair 8 shades lighter,it left me with dry,dead ends.Here are some tips on how to take care of your hair and get as less damage as possible;

1.Washing your hair
Now,it's not healthy to wash your hair often even if your hair isn't color treated,but having it color treated is even worse.Often hair washing can really dry out your hair.I suggest leaving your hair as long without washing as you can.Dry shampoo works amazing in this area.Also,try choosing a no-silicone shampoo,such as the Garnier's Ultra Doux Shampoos.

2.Hair masks
They're magic.I've tried plenty and most masks you'll find on pinterest and such sites are amazing.The one I love the most is the olive oil and egg yolk mask.There are many ingredients in your own kitchen that can be used on your hair(eggs,honey,oils,avocado,lemon..).At first,when my hair was quite dry and damaged,I did the mask mentioned above once a week.Now,I do it once-twice a month.Beware though,egg yolk is pure protein and too much of it can also lead to breakage-so don't push it with the masks either.

3.Deep Conditioning 
Conditioner is really important in this story,but a regular one won't help you much.Get a conditioner for dry/damaged hair.[Garnier and L'oreal have amazing conditioners.]That being said,you'll also need to do some extra conditioning-buy a deep conditioning mask or use a diy mask.[Olive oil,coconut oil,argan oil and honey are some great products that you can use.]

4.Regular hair-cutting
If you have two inches of dry ends you need to cut them off.That way,new,fresh,healthy hair can peek trough.If you have layered hair you can cut your hair at home[if you're lazy like me].Preferably,you should cut your hair every 2-3 months.

Nowdays,we all use curling irons,flat irons and other hair-styling tools on daily basis without even realizing of how much heat we actually use.You should use a hair protectant or a serum.I like to apply some argan oil before I apply my protectant,just to give my hair some extra moisture.

I know this post is long,but I'm making up for a week!I'm sorry if this has been boring,I hope I helped even a little bit.I'll see you soon dolls[I promise],

Laura Palmer © 2014