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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wet n Wild: Cherry Bomb Review

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Hey dolls!
A week ago I stumbled upon a WnW shelf which I happily browsed trough until I decided to buy myself a lipstick. I've worn it couple of times and I decided it's time for a review. I'll try to make the review as much in detail as possible. Let's get into the review!

Packaging and price: The packaging is simple, nothing special yet nothing too much or tacky.The tube where the lipstick itself is placed is quite narrow and I'm pleased to say that my lipstick has not smeared to the lid.(By itself, of course.) The price is baffling-4$. As I get more into the review you'll see how much of a bargain this product is!

The Product Itself: The lipstick itself has a matte finish but not a dry texture, yet a slightly creamy one. I do suggest putting on a chapstick before because your lips can feel dry after wearing it for some time. It's easily applied straight from the packaging but I prefer using a lip brush, simply because I'm clumsy. I have to say it stays on for quite long, I only reapplied to certain areas after eating.  and I'm pleased to say it doesn't smear! (bleed)

Color and amount:  The color of this product is just..amazing. I love plum and dark red shades so this makes me an even bigger fan. The color is somewhat in between red and purple, I'd say it's purple with some dark red shades in it. It looks lovely on most (if not all) skin-tones and it suits well even with a heavier eye makeup. For the price of 4$ you get 18ml of product, which is quite of a big amount!

Conclusion: This product is bag-friendly, easily applied , not over-drying with a lovely matte finish. Definitely has my recommendation!

Until next time,
Laura x

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review:Essence Love Letters Duo Eye Pencil

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Hey dolls!Yes,yes another review.Recently I've been using a lot of new products and I thought it'd be interesting to include some on here.I hope you enjoy this review, if you do let me know in comments below!

Packaging and price: The packaging is grey colored with the company's logo and the Love Letters written next to it. I'm not too fond of the packaging, it isn't very elegant or neat but it's quite easy to use and the wand is quite long so you don't have any trouble when applying.The eyeliner is about 2 euros.

The Product itself: The formula of the eye pencil is very creamy and easily blendable. The sponge is firm but not rough on the eyes. The color I have is 01 Inkheart. This color is quite nice, a dark, graphite grey.This color is amazing for both smokey eyes or a natural eye look. I find that lasts long, doesn't smudge and doesn't need reapplying trough the day.(I quite like the name, too.)

Conclusion: This eyepencil is a nice, creamy product, easily blendable and hand-friendly. This product has a great price and I definitely recommend it.

I hope you liked this review and will try this product out!What would you like to see from me?What's your favorite eyepencil steal?Let me know!See you soon,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review:Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Hey dolls!
This couple of days I've had time to write some reviews and take some pictures to make it up for the quite long break.I'm constantly in a search for a perfect highlighter and concealer with a lighting purpose. Recently, I ran out of my current favorite concealer, Maybelline's Fit Me and I decided to try something new. I decided for the Light Reflecting Concealer from Catrice as I didn't try many of those in my life. I hope you enjoy this review and find it helpful. Let's go!

Packaging and amount: The concealer comes in a light-reflecting tube (as well) as a twist-pen. The packaging is neat and fits into a makeup bag very nicely, I would say it's quite handy and easy to use. You get 1.5 ml for around 4 euros (5 $). At the top of the tube there is a brush with which you apply the product.

Ease of Use: The brush is a centimeter long and I find it quite easy to apply this product. Although, when you first use it you need to twist plenty of times until any product comes out. As I mentioned above, the bottle fits nicely into my hand and I have no trouble with it. 

The Concealer itself: This product is creamy and hydrating, perfect for girls with dry or sensitive under eye area. It blends really easily and is quite buildable without getting cakey. I find that it lasts almost entire day(5-6 hours) on my skin.(I have the shade 020 Light Beige, which is a yellow based colour.)

What the product promises: '    The ultimate creamy, light concealer for radiant eyes and a fresh appearance: light-reflecting pigments and medium coverage combined with moisturizing ingredients hide shadows under your eyes and other small imperfections in no time at all. Its gentle texture feels pleasant on the sensitive skin around your eyes.
Available in a premium silver twist-pen'

The concealer definitely gives you radiance and freshness but it doesn't cover dark circles or imperfections. The coverage is light to medium(buildable as I said), but I find that it doesn't cover my circles, just refreshens my eyes.


(On the pictures above you can see that it barely covered my beauty mark and, hopefully, you can see it's reflective.)

 Conclusion: This light reflecting concealer is amazing for highlighting and giving you a more radiant look, however it is not effective at covering circles or imperfections, which is a minus. I do like this product and would repurchase it simply because I use it for highlighting. I wouldn't recommend it for anything more than that.

*In Middle Europe Catrice is available in local drugstores(Muller,DM) and in Ireland.I'm not sure about rest of the world.[link to the website here ]

That was it guys!I hope it didn't bore you to death, I really wanted to do a detailed review. I hope it somewhat helped!Thank you for your patience over the past few weeks, see you soon

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