Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tattoo Inspiration #1

Thursday, January 09, 2014
Hey dolls!
I mentioned somewhere in a description or about me page that I collect tattoos for the future.I really love tattoos,I've loved them for a while now.My love for them has begun when I was younger,when my mom get her first tattoo.I thought it was beautiful.That's when I decided I'm going to have a tattoo one day.Over the years my love for tattoos has grown and I started collecting pictures all 'round the net.
Let's get started,shall we?

1.Flowers.I love flowers-they look so feminine and gentle.I'd love the got one on my shoulder or my hip. [Of course they do have a deeper meaning to them,but I'm not going to ramble about it here.]


3.Dream catcher.

I hope you have enjoyed this inspiration post,I think I'm going to do some more of these.
Do you like tattoos and if so,which one is your favorite?
Laura x

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Leibster Award

Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Hey dolls,
First of all,I'd like to thank Alya and Mariamma for nominating me.[Go give 'em a follow.]
Basically,the purpose of the Libester Award is to discover blogs with less than 200 followers,ie.,small blogs.

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and make a post about the liebster award.
2.Write 11 interesting things about yourself
3.Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
4.Nominate 11 other blogger(blog must have under 200 followers) and notify who you have nominated.
5.Write 11 questions for your nominees.

1.I'm kind of obssesed with supernatural things/creatures.
2.I like historical romance movies/books.
3.I have a collection of old cameras.
4.I like jewerly.A lot.
5.And Vans.'Specially printed ones.Unf.
6.I like alternative music.
7.I'd like to have lavender hair,but I'm too much of a fanny to do it.
8.I like chocholate drinks that are sprinkled with whipped cream and other chocholate gondess in any kind of form.
9.I have a rather strange style-it's a mixture of everything,really.
10.I want to study psychology or philospohy.
11.I LOVE Irish Coffee.

1.Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to share my ideas and inspire people because other people have inspired me too-trough their blogs.
2.If you had to give up one luxury what would it be?
Watching TV?I don't know what is considered by luxury,tho.
3.What is your favourite TV program?
4.One thing you want to do before you die?
Travel all around the world and settle down somewhere in the UK.
5.What is your favourite magazine?
Hmmm,I don't really read much magazines but my faves are Cosmopolitan and Vogue.
6.Who is your style icon?
Hannah Snowdown and Sammi Maria.
7.If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
I think about this a lot actually and the answer would probably be Thailand.(Or Australia.)
8.What was the last thing you bought?
I think it was the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara.Dunno.
9.Do you sing in the shower?
I hum,I don't really sing.
10.If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
There is so many!Alex Turner.
11.What are you most looking forward to?
Moving away and living on my own.
Mariamma's questions:
1.What is the funniest childhood memory that pops up in your head first?
Hmmm.Probably when I was on my sledges,going down on a high speed and I bumped a tree.There was footage and I remember laughing like and idiotic seal to it.
2.If you could only wear different shades of the same color, what color would it be?
3.If you could have grown up anywhere besides the country you're from, what would it be?
4.Even if you hate tattoos, what tattoo would you get if you were to get one?
I want one so badly. :c I'd like some wild roses on my shoulder blade-shoulder area and birds on my forearm.
5.What music or artist have you been listening to most this week?
Arctic Monkeys and Lorde.
6.If you could instantly know a new language, what would it be and why?
Russian.I DO know some Russian and I understand it quite well,but I'd like to speak it fluently.Why?It's sexy as hell.
7. What is your favorite thing about your personality? Don't be shy!
Uh-oh.My randomness? 
8.Do you have any siblings? If so, how many, and are they brothers or sisters?
9. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?
I think about this a lot and I have no idea.Probably Astrid or Rayne.Because they're pretty and unique.
10.What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Toast whit peanut butter and banana and cinnamon.Yum.
11.What is your favorite time of day and why?
Afternoon.It's the time of the day when I sit down,listen to some music,drink tea,read or blog.

Elle May
Samantha Nash

My questions for teh lovely people above:
1.What kind of music do you listen to?
2.Cats or dogs?
3.Do expensive makeup brands matter to you?Why?
4.Favorite cartoon.[If you consider yourself too old for this,childhood cartoon then?]
5.Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
6.If you could eat anything everyday for the rest of the year,what would it be?
7.Your secret obsession.
8.What would you like to try,but are too afraid to try?
9.Favorite month of the year?
10.What is your perfect way to relax?
11.Dark lips or nude lips?

So sorry for making this so long.I think you can come to a conclusion that I'm an indecisive person.
Anyways,have a lovely day.See you soon!
Laura xo

Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 Slimdown

Sunday, January 05, 2014
The thing I'm most upset about 2013 is,despite all of my desperate tries,I haven't lost weight.Therefore I decided to cut it down right at the beginning.Since yesterday I'm on the 'Eat Your Heart Out Diet',which is more of a detoxification.I'll do a full review on it once I'm finished.
I decided to try out some wight-loss drinks,simply because I never believed in them.I decided I'll make my lifestyle in overall healthier.I also started excising 2-3 times a week.I think I'm some sort of a weirdo,because I really like working out,I just don't always have the time.

Trough the past 2 years of me trying to get healthier and fitter,this is what I learned;
-Water is VERY important.[I'm a freak who doesn't need water.I survived 2 weeks without water.]
-Controlling your proportions.[Now,this is important.I've come to a conclusion that when I handle my proportions well,after a meal,I'm full.Not stuffed,tho.What we all often do is;put a bunch of food in our plate,'cause we're hungry,and them we kind of feel obligated to eat it all.]
-Eating a snack every 3 hours.[Not like a hamburger,chips or fries.More like a couple of walnuts,and apple or apple chips.Snacking every 3 hours keeps your stomach going,which means it doesn't store fat into your body.]
-Cardio.[Dear God,the only thing I hate more than cardio is vacuuming.I absolutely hate it,BUT you can make it fun,ie.,take a walk,play with your dog,run with a friend or just with some music on.]
-Motivating yourself.[You always have to keep motivating yourself.Ie,I have a folder on pinterest full of fitspo pictures and I have one on my phone as well.If you ever feel like backing up,just look trough some pics and think of your new hot body.]

Well,I hope my tips have helped or motivated you.
What are your favorite dieting tips/tricks?
Laura x

Friday, January 03, 2014


Friday, January 03, 2014
You know how the first episode of every TV show is called Pilot?Well,the first episode is also a test episode and that's exactly what we have here today.Me and my friend have been planing a bit a project for a while now,but we have been occupied with studying and school.Finally,our plan has come to life and here is our little Pilot shoot.

But first things first.Meet my friend,who is also my photographer-Katy.

Katy is available here.
Alright,now the pictures.

There is actually a few more,but due to some converting issues they were not able to be transferred.
I will upload them on Monday,tough!
I hope you have enjoyed these and I'll see you soon!
Laura x
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